Fame Farm licensing sends a generation of unsuspecting twenty somethings running to Liberace. Las Vegas, NV, January 14, 2008 ñ In life, Liberace embraced and delighted in his one-sequin-left-of-center public persona: ìMy clothes may look funny, but
theyíre making me the money!î Although it has been twenty years since Liberace donned his last sequined sensation, the
new Liberace Licensing Program attempts to keep the Liberace legacy center-stage and in the money. Charged with this mission is Fame Farm licensing. Fame Farm is a full service agency and marketing firm that counsels, supports and represents individuals, brands, licensors, licensees and manufacturers. Fame Farmís strategic and outsidethe-box creative management and development services are recognized as a pioneering step
forward in this industry. Fame Farm stepped on stage when the Liberace brand had no active licenses in place, had
not established an internal licensing program and when the brand had literally been dead for
nearly twenty years. Fame Farmís strategy was to introduce the glorious excess that is Liberace to the Millennial
(Internet) generation. The original King of BlingÆ is remembered with huge gold rings on every finger, floor length fur capes, tricked- out and iced up cars to match his outfits and a handful of mini-Taj Mahals. The hip-hop culture and urban community have already
embraced these symbols and some artists actually cite ìLiberaceî in their lyrics ìÖdiamonds shininí lookiní like I robbed Liberaceî wrote Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur. Fame Farm designed and registered the King of BlingÆ, Queen of BlingÆ and Got Bling?Æ slogans and paired them with Liberace
images thus establishing a fresh relevancy to the brand.
In addition to the traditional responsibility of a licensing agent (that of securing licensing opportunities) Fame Farm acts externally as
the licensorís in-house licensing department: management of the product development and approval process, administration of contract negotiations, supervision
of product quality and contract compliance, management of creative consultations with licensees, administration of graphic design assets and the creation of press
and promotional opportunities. Capitalizing on the one dozen significant licensees that Fame Farm has secured for the Liberace Licensing Program, the refurbished and resplendent Liberace
brand now boasts establishment and recognition in the newfound targeted demographic markets as well as renewed interest from the Boomers. Fame Farm cofounders, Karan Feder and Michael Feder, have published two books in support of their client: Joy of Liberace: Retro Recipes from Americaís
Kitschiest Kitchen and Liberace: Your Personal Fashion Consultant. The latter title has been on Amazonís best seller list for 14 weeks and is now in its second
printing. Carpe Diem! Fame Farm is actively considering clients seeking an outside-the-box strategy to jump start their new or existing licensing program. Fame Farm LLC formerly operated under the corporate name I Love Liberace LLC.